Lint Remover Electric Rechargeable Shaver with 3-Leaf Stainless Steel Blades


  • About this item

    • Efficient and Durable: sharp and durable 3-leaf blades that last for years. The large shaving head has strong magnetic attraction power and covers a larger area, finishing the job quickly and effectively without damaging the fabric.61o7c2eyYfL._AC_SY741_.jpg (488×741)
    •  Dual Protection Design – This electric fabric defuzzer has elastic blades and a bionic-honeycomb mesh that can protect any fabric from damage. You don’t need to worry about the loose yarns can be got sucked into the wool shaver. When the blade cover is loose, the switch will automatically disconnect, cut off the power supply.71B8NeKhoBL._AC_SY741_.jpg (556×741)
    • Rechargeable and Eco-Friendly: This rechargeable lint remover can work for about 40-50 minutes after fully charging. Save money without buying batteries, and be eco-friendly. No matter where you are, you can carry this pill trimmer, which is very convenient to use.71nfSjR-KBL._AC_SY741_.jpg (556×741)71nfSjR-KBL._AC_SY741_.jpg (556×741)71nfSjR-KBL._AC_SY741_.jpg (556×741)
    • Wide Application: Gives your clothes and fabrics a fresh new look! For clothes, bedding, and furniture, 3 shaving mesh hole sizes fit all different sizes of pills, quickly and effectively removing fuzz, lint, pills, and bobbles, giving a second life to sweaters, clothes, scarf, furniture, couches, curtains, blankets, and so on.71bBDxr111L._AC_SY741_.jpg (556×741)
    • Large Capacity Lint Collector – The lint collector collects all lint when you shave clothes or furniture! Visual design can clearly show the collector’s internal situation and be clean. Make your collector stay clean at any time. The package contains a cleaning brush, which can clean 3 blades, keep the blade clean, and improve the user experience