PRO-WAX Hair Removing Machine



PRO-WAX Hair Removing Machine:

Wax Machine:
This kit includes a wax machine, which is essential for hair removal.
It features a fast wax meltdown due to its heating coil.
The machine is molded in durable, heat-resistant material, ensuring quality.
It has temperature control and an indicator light.
Suitable for various types of waxes: hard waxing, strip waxing, and paraffin waxing.
It comes with an extra aluminum container that is removable and has a handle.
The see-through cover prevents wax contamination.
Ideal for personal, home, and salon use.
Voltage: 220V-230V (UK plug)
Power: 100W
Volume: 500ml
Function and Operation:
Paraffin Wax Treatment:
Use the paraffin wax for softening and healing chapped skin.
Suitable for the face, hands, feet, and body.
Pamper, smooth, and renew skin with aromatherapy paraffin wax.
Depilation Wax Treatment:
Melt the depilatory wax in the pot.
Increase skin elasticity and leave skin soft and smooth.
Suitable for hair removal from arms, legs, underarms, and bikini areas.
This PRO-WAX machine is versatile, efficient, and perfect for achieving smooth, hair-free skin! 🌟